Using Design to Solve Global Challenge

pocket_tools_title_flatlay2There are several sorts of stereotypes associated with design. A lot of people approach design with a single-handed perspective wherein they think the use of design is limited to beautification.

The fact of the matter is that design is in existence because design simplifies the process of living. One might have gotten used to the shape of a comb or a spatula, but when these objects were discovered, someone’s life became easier. The role of design in human lives is way more than what is visible on the surface.

Similarly, design thinking can also be used to solve complex problems of the world, as well. It is a fact that the world has enough resources, then why is it that so many people die due to hunger and thirst in developing countries? It could be a design related problems. Many organizations are working towards using design to solve the severe problems. The effect of the tiniest of design inventions is huge. Think of doorbells, shoelaces, keys, and so on.

There is a field dedicated to replicating designs found in nature, it is known as Biomimicry. The field is dedicated to getting design inspirations from nature and so far it has succeeded immensely.

In the current scenario, design thinking has even more importance because of the shortcomings of old designs are coming forward. If there are so many problems around the world, there must be a design related flaw. A lot of designers are curious to improve the slightest of functionalities offered by design.

The role of design also extends to broadening the way human beings can express themselves. If you look at social media, each and every feature is a product of intense design thinking. The person who came up with emoticons was also clearly thinking with a design-oriented mindset.

Design oriented thinking is supposed to challenge conventionality and improve reality.