Relation between Design and Branding

logo_vs_branding_article_zine_header-01When it comes to branding, design serves as a base foundation. This is because branding is all about image creation, and image creation and design are directly affiliated with each other.

It isn’t a surprise that corporations across the world are spending a lot of time and money on building a brand image, and the professions related to designing is at an all time high. For example, the requirements for graphic designers has boomed in the last couple of years. We are entering the era of visuals wherein each and everything is carefully curated and designed.

The soul of several indoor and outdoor campaigns in the world of commerce is design. The campaigns are carefully structured, designed, and coded to receive a certain level and kind of reaction.

Design and Branding go hand in hand because the design is a prerequisite for branding in any given situation. A lot of consultation is usually made before finalizing the look and feel of anything in the commercial sector.

To understand the importance of design in branding, one must get an insight into the world of advertising agencies. The tiniest of tiniest detail is given a huge amount of importance and any sort of fallacy, despite the scale and size, is not tolerated at all.

The designs that you see all around you are results of endless discussions, brainstorming, research, and experimentation. The results in the end obviously are awe-worthy. For example, simply by looking at Nike’s logo, one is able to think of sports shoes and sportswear. Taking further examples, look at the design and features of the iPhone. The design is what makes Apple products different from the other competitors.

It is fair to establish the fact that when it comes to branding, design is what pays in the long run, ultimately.